Active Zelda Fan Projects

  1. BS Zelda

    BS Zelda publishes resources regarding three Japan-only Zelda titles.

  2. Hidden Triforce

    Hidden Triforce frequently features Zelda merchandise, and their writers specialize in original articles.

  3. Hylia Serif

    Hylia Serif is a fan-created font based on the text used in Breath of the Wild.

  4. Hyrule Blog

    Hyrule Blog has discussed the latest Zelda news for more than ten years.

  5. Hyrule Herald

    Hyrule Herald is most notable for the Ready Gamer One podcast.

  6. Hyrule Legends

    Hyrule Legends is a Portuguese fan site that reports the latest Zelda news. They are known for their Zelda game maps.

  7. Le Palais de Zelda

    Le Palais de Zelda is a French fan site the features news, guides, and a collection of fan works.

  8. Link’s Hideaway

    Link’s Hideaway reports major Zelda news and provides walkthroughs for recent Zelda games.

  9. Puissance Zelda

    Puissance Zelda is a French fan site that publishes walkthroughs and Zelda news.

  10. PureZC

    PureZC collects resources for fans using Zelda Classic to create their own adventure games and publishes the “quests” made by fans.

  11. Radio Hyrule

    Radio Hyrule is a free online radio station that plays only Zelda music.

  12. Red Candle

    Red Candle is a speed-running resource for players of The Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link.

  13. Sheikav

    Sheikav is a Spanish fan site that publishes the latest Zelda news.

  14. Solarus

    Solarus is an action RPG game engine design to help you build your own Zelda-like adventure games. Available in both English and French.

  15. Take My Rupees

    Take My Rupees shares Zelda merchandise on Twitter.

  16. The Hyrule Journals

    Video analysis of the storytelling and gameplay in The Legend of Zelda.

  17. Triforce Legend

    Triforce Legend is a French fan site that often features fan works.

  18. Two Guys Playing Zelda

    Two Guys Playing Zelda frequently publishes gameplay and theory videos and original article features.

  19. Universo Zelda

    Universo Zelda is a Spanish fan site that covers the latest news about Zelda games and the community.

  20. Wii Zelda

    Wii Zelda maintains a Zelda-themed Minecraft server, ZeldaCraft.

  21. With a Terrible Fate

    With a Terrible Fate analyzes the storytelling of Zelda and other video games.

  22. Zelda 101

    Zelda 101 reports all the latest Nintendo and Zelda news.

  23. Zelda and Fairies

    Zelda and Fairies is a collection of fan theories.

  24. Zelda Cavern

    Zelda Cavern maintains small forum communities in multiple languages.

  25. Zelda Central

    Zelda Central provides guides and media for the Zelda series.

  26. Zelda Chaos

    Zelda Chaos is a database of glitches found in Zelda games.

  27. Zelda Chronicles

    Formerly Zelda Europe. Zelda Chronicles is a French fan site that publishes the latest Zelda news and guides.

  28. Zelda Classic

    Zelda Classic is a fan-created tool for creating your own Zelda-like adventure games.

  29. Zelda Coalition

    Zelda Coalition is a place for fans to share their Zelda-related creative works.

  30. Zelda Dungeon

    Zelda Dungeon is well-known for their walkthroughs of every Zelda game.

  31. Zelda Fan Game Central

    Zelda Fan Game Central publishes resources for fan-created Zelda-inspired games and hosts an online forum dedicated to those fan games.

  32. Zelda Linked Green

    Zelda Linked Green is the home of The Seven Dark Sorcerers animated web comic and other original animated projects.

  33. Zelda Maps

    Zelda Maps is an interactive Breath of the Wild map.

  34. Zelda Sanctuary

    Zelda Sanctuary provides a mix of Zelda news, guides, and articles.

  35. Zelda Sounds

    Zelda Sounds is a massive collection of Zelda sound effects available for download.

  36. Zelda Source

    Zelda Source is a French fan site that provides guides and media for each Zelda game.

  37. Zelda Speed Runs

    Zelda Speed Runs regularly broadcasts speed runs of every Zelda game and maintains the list of world record holders.

  38. Zelda Temple

    Zelda Temple has a collection of Zelda fan works, images, and magazine scans.

  39. Zelda Universe

    Zelda Universe maintains the largest forum in the Zelda community and specializes in publishing original articles.

  40. Zelda Wiki

    Zelda Wiki is the largest encyclopedia of Zelda information maintained entirely by fans.

  41. Zelda Wiki FR

    Zelda Wiki FR is a French encyclopedia of Legend of Zelda information maintained entirely by fans.

  42. provides links to the official websites and stores to purchase the games.

  43. Zelda’s Palace

    Zelda’s Palace is the English counterpart of Le Palais de Zelda.

  44. Zelda64RUS

    Zelda64RUS is a Russian fan site notable for fan translations that make Zelda more accessible to Russian fans.

  45. ZeldaForce

    ZeldaForce is a French fan site with general information about the Zelda series and a strong connection to the fan gaming community.

  46. Zeldathon

    Zeldathon is a bi-annual streaming marathon that has raised more than two million dollars for charity since 2009.

  47. Zeldathon FR

    Zeldathon FR is a French annual Legend of Zelda marathon raising money for charity since 2011.

  48. Zeldix

    Zeldix is an active ROM hacking forum community.

  49. is a German fan site with a fan fiction collection, video walkthroughs, and general game information.

  50. ZRPG

    ZRPG is a long-running roleplay forum based on the Zelda series.