The Zelda Archive is never finished. There are sure to be many websites, both new and old, that the community has not yet rediscovered.

It is also likely that some of our information will be outdated from time-to-time. Unfortunately, inactive websites may go offline unexpectedly and lead to broken links.

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Adding a new website to the archive

If you know of a Zelda fan site that is not yet listed, please send me the website URL and we will add it to the backlog of websites to add. The size and age of the website does not matter, and it’s okay if the website is offline (we will try to find it on

If you do not know the URL, but you remember the name of the website or something unique about it (like the owner’s name or alias, or a unique work like an article series or fan fiction), just send us that information and I will try to find it for you!

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