Inactive Zelda Fan Projects

  1. Brotherhood of the Underworld

    Brotherhood of the Underworld is all about the enemies of Hyrule. It is the home of the Villains Directory.

  2. Hidden Triforce

    Hidden Triforce frequently features Zelda merchandise, and their writers specialize in original articles.

  3. Ice’s Zelda Central

    Ice’s Zelda Central has a large collection of editorial content…and a working online version of the Money Making Game.

  4. iZelda

    iZelda has basic information and guides for various Zelda games.

  5. is an excellent resource of guides for older Zelda games.

  6. Maximum Zelda

    Maximum Zelda has guides for older Zelda games.

  7. North Castle

    North Castle is known for Its large collection of fan fiction and fan art. It is the oldest Zelda fan site that is still online.

  8. Portal to Hyrule

    Portal to Hyrule has an archive of Zelda news

  9. Project Zelda

    Project Zelda hosts the Z-files, a collection of beta screenshots and information about Majora’s Mask.

  10. Rauru’s Return

    A small collection of Zelda news.

  11. The Desert Colossus

    The Desert Colossus has guides and a media collection.

  12. Triforce Legend

    Triforce Legend is a French fan site that often features fan works.

  13. Want Midna Back

    Want Midna Back began as a project dedicated to Midna and became a Zelda news source.

  14. Z64 Central

    Z64 Central provides detailed guides and information about Ocarina of Time.

  15. Zelda and Fairies

    Zelda and Fairies is a collection of fan theories.

  16. Zelda Capital

    Zelda Capital contains an archive of theories and stories about Zelda.

  17. Zelda France

    Zelda France is a French fan site with general information about the Zelda series.

  18. Zelda Planet

    Zelda Planet is just a placeholder page at the moment, but it has a link to their Twitter profile.

  19. Zelda Radio

    Zelda Radio was a collection of radio programs about Zelda.

  20. Zelda Republic

    Zelda Republic has a small media collection and provides general information about the Zelda series.

  21. Zelda Sages

    Zelda Sages has general information about Zelda games and editorials.

  22. Zelda Sverige

    Zelda Sverige is a Swedish fan site with general information about the Zelda series.

  23. Zelda Xtreme

    Zelda Xtreme has a collection of media and general information about the Zelda series.

  24. Zelda Zone

    Zelda Zone is a German fan site with general information and announcements about the Zelda series.

  25. ZRPG

    ZRPG is a long-running roleplay forum based on the Zelda series.